We offer a variety of glass beads from seed beads to stone beads, crackle glass beads, glass pearls, glass chandelier beads, Chinese crystals, semi-precious and a selection of fresh water pearls to the most expensive Swarovski crystal range...it&rsqu

are available in smaller quantities and different designs and styles.  It includes plastic acrylic beads, lustre beads, plastic sequins and plastic rhinestones in various sizes.

a variety of wooden beads packed in retail to wholesale size bags...wooden hearts –different sizes and colourful wooden charms in various shapes and sizes.

the term findings is used throughout the jewellery industry to collectively describe a variety of prefabricated items such as jumprings, crimps, headpins, clasps, spacers and charms.  These items are useful and necessary for the ease and co

ostrich eggshell beads, shell beads, from grind to whole cowry shells, mixed shellbags, shell baskets, barnacle clusters, coral, starfish and handmade cowry placemats and beautiful polished shells, sea urchins, jewellery boxes and many more.

it’s available in a large range of pendants, charms, chain, semi-precious pieces covered with silver, accessories like jump-rings, headpins, clasps, bales, earring-hooks and toe rings.

are available in large pieces of amethyst, agates/cut and polished...map boxes, necklaces, keyrings and more.

it’s available in costume jewellery, necklaces, rings, bracelets and the most expensive African trade pieces and not forgetting our handmade pieces.

we stock natural Baltic amber available in the baby amber necklaces, bracelets and adult necklaces...it’s light, it contains organic inclusions...it is exceptionally good.